How I store my dress making fabric using coat hangers

April 16, 2015

how i store my dress making fabric
So I figured I'd continue on with my little series on how I store my fabric, you can see the post here about how I store my quilting fabric.  Today I'll be talking about how I store my dress making fabric.  As you know I recently moved and I'm working out my perfect system for my new sewing room.

I knew when it came to storing my dress making fabric I wanted it stored in a way I could see it all.  Now shoved in a box where I had to dig through to see if I had a certain fabric or find what I want.  Thankfully I have a large built in wardrobe and enough clothes to fit in the wardrobe in my bedroom!

My storage system in now devised of coat hangers!  Normal standard plastic coat hangers.  Well maybe not the totally normal ones, the ones that you can hang your pants over.  I found packs of 12 for $2.50 at my local target.

I simply folded the length of the fabric until it would fit over the coat hanger and then slipped the coat hanger in as I folded it in half!  It doesn't really need step by step instructions :)  If you have any questions leave a comment or shoot me and email and I'll get back to you.

How I store my dress making fabric using coat hangers
Super simple and easy storage for your fabric plus you can see what you have!  Plus I love opening the cupboard and seeing all the clothes that I have yet to make!