About Me

I'm Emma, a twenty-something from a town in South East Queensland, Australia.

I started sewing when I was 17 and wanted to make a quilt for my nephew. From that point on I was hooked. So much so that I invested in a sewing machine for my 18th birthday. At the time I was working at Spotlight so any resistance to fabric was futile.

I started sewing quilts, then moved onto lingerie before finally admitting that maybe sewing clothes isn't so bad. I've been making my own clothes fairly exclusivley for a few years now and pretty much will give anything a go. Theres very few things I won't at least try.

I'm hoping to learn more about pattern drafting and try drafting my own patterns more.

I work in construction so sewing give me a nice break from that and allows me to explore my more creative side.

My First Quilt

My first quilt, made when I was 17 for my nephew. It's rather terrible, polyester wadding, the binding is awful but thankfully my sister loved it :)


  1. It's wonderful to hear from someone just starting out in the "fabric" journey-I'm newly retired and finally thought I'd have all the time in the world to just sew all day - - NOT! But there is more time to really enjoy the process now-and try to make a dent in the fabric collection I have going. Keep at it -I'll bet you end up doing remarkable things you can't even fathom at this point.

    1. Thanks Betty! I wish I had time to sew all day but that isn't going to happen anytime soon!

  2. An interest in quilting is an antidote to media headlines...you are fortunate that you are developing this interest at a young age. Happy Stashing !