Sewing Tip - what to do when you don't have an iron

April 12, 2015

As I've mentioned I moved recently. I've moved half my stuff but with each load of stuff I move I find stuff I need but haven't moved yet. It normally results in me leaving beind stuff I actually wanted to move too.

Anyway, I needed a break and am working on a cute little project for an adopted niece. The problem arose when I was first missing my cutting mat and rotary cutter (I have the ruler?!), but no worries I just skipped that step for now and worked around it. Pressing proved to be more challenging as my iron and pressing board still aren't here. 

Thankfully I remebered an email i relieved from Colette Patterns last week about using a hair straightener as an iron. I'm pleased to announce it worked!

Though if you are like me and your hair straightener has an automatic heat setting, just use it on cottons or linens so you don't burn your masterpiece!
Hair Straightener Iron
What are your sewing tips or shortcuts?