12 metres of fabric for less than $31.94!

May 5, 2015

I walked into my local Spotlight and spotted this sign.
  $2/m Fabric
That was it so I didn't even bother looking at the fabrics on bolts!  Instead after some rummaging I found the awesome scored below!

1m of the peach and .4m of the navy, both Scuba Knit which I used to make my Weetwood skirt!
.5m of hot pink Rayon.  I'm thinking a little skirt for a 1st birthday out of it.
1.1m of this knit.  Either to practice with or a pj shirt or shorts.
I scored 4m of this sateen which was a cancelled layby.  I don't have any plans yet, but sateen? Yes please!
.75m of white ribbing.  I wasn't going to leave it when it is normally $12 + a metre!
2m of this, I think its a crepe, but I could be wrong.
1.1 of this rayon.  It might have been my favourite fabric in the end.  I love the pattern!  I'm very glad I took the chance on it because I couldn't see the amazing pattern when it was all folded up!
I also got 1m of white lycra, because who is going to turn down lycra for more than $20 off the RRP.  (I thought I had a photo but I obviously don't,  so just imagine something white and lycra-y here!)
I also grabbed some zippers and a spool of thread (the thread was also reduced!).  That gave me the grand total of $31.94!  I think I got a bargin!
What was your favourite fabric bargin?