Liesl & Co Gallery Tunic

June 20, 2015

I fell in love with the Gallery Tunic by Liesl and Co when looking for a loose blouse pattern.  It was exactly what I was looking for!

I used a white rayon with black hearts from Spotlight (to be featured in tomorrows Sunday Stash).  I do think rayon is the prefect fabric for a number of projects.  It is light enough while being heavy enough not to need lining, it is soft enough without being a nightmare to sew, not to mention it also has a lovely sheen and a slight stretch.

I cut a size 10 of the pattern which was a 1/2 inch bigger than my bust size and it fit well.  I do have an ever so slight issue with the sleeves being ever so slightly tight for my tuckshop lady arms, but I'll just sew them with a smaller seam allowance next time and that will solve the problem.

Gallery Tunic

I also managed to trace part of the pattern incorrectly so I ended up the the pleat in the placket at the front being on the opposite side.  I did decide it wasn't worth messing around and re cutting pattern pieces though.

I had never sewn a collar before and I was pleasantly surprised with how simple and straightforward the process was.  I'll try another one again soon.

Gallery Tunic

Now, I know I bought a tunic pattern, but I wasn't quite imagining it to be so long!  Tunics aren't really my thing, but the extra length does make it really easy to tuck in with the added bonus that you don't need to worry about it coming out when you move!

I hemmed the bottom edge of the tunic in my all time favourite bias binding, though it was now a little redundant when I was wearing it tucked in.  It still adds a little interest if I do ever want to wear it out.  You can nearly see it in the photo above.

Gallery Tunic

 I whipped it up in an afternoon (I got home at 3 and was at dinner by 6.45 with plenty of time to lose my interfacing and get ready) to wear out to a dinner last night.  Thankfully the pattern was relatively simple, I  would agree that the 2/4 difficulty rating was just right.

Gallery Tunic

Overall I really like this pattern and I plan on making more, I might even try the dress next time.

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  1. thats really cute!! I had this exact fabric in my hand at spotlight last week...but i couldnt envision what I would make!! I think i need to take a trip back!