The weeks are flying!

September 12, 2015

I meant to have a proper post ready to go today, I really did. Turns I've spent too much time at the sewing machine and not enough time prepping a blog post.

I'm on my way to the coast this afternoon, I get to see my nephews for the second time in two weeks and I'm pretty thrilled about it. Blogger is awful at editing posts on my phone, and I can't import html in the app (because I normally host my photos on Flickr, this post is the exception). I've been contemplating moving blog hosts, to either Wordpress or self hosted but the thought of doing it is a little scary, then again nothing worthwhile ever came without a leap of faith! 

This is pretty much my view for the next three hours. Thankfully I don't have to drive this time, mum is. Actually between this and a trip with my boss to the state office on Monday I'll barely be driving this week!

Below is a sneak peek of my Marlborough Bra, I finished it and succeeded! Pretty happy. I've even made matching knickers, it's such a lovely set!

Til next time,