September 2, 2015

You know how some weeks are just those weeks.  I've barely touched my sewing machine, or stepped foot in my sewing room other than to shove more stuff into the mess.

My sister, brother in law and nephews arrived back from London.  For good this time.  Something I never thought would happen.  But they're home and staying here.  I saw them on the weekend and it was wonderful but exhausting.

I got a photo with all four of my nephews (3/4 smiling!).  It's my own epic selfie.

My wonderful sister bought me home some patterns I had been wanting but haven't been released in Australia yet.  Thankfully she let me buy them online and get them shipped to her and then she bought them home in her suitcase.  Seriously wonderful sister.

The guy I've been on a few dates with is now not replying to my messages.  I'm over it and it has kinda put me in a bad mood, especially since he was the first guy I've seen since I had my heart broken so it kinda sucks.

I ran out of thread part way through a Watson Bra the other week and still haven't finished it despite now owning the thread.

I've applied for a new job at work - same place different role.  I'm kinda stressed about it but we will have to wait and see.

Anyway, I thought I would give you a little update, no new photos today, I'll have some in my next post I promise.

'Til next time,



  1. Thanks for the different but lovely update. Hang in there. All is well that ends well. Fingers crossed for the job.

    1. Thanks Iris! I got my first sleep in this morning in over two weeks so I think things are turning around. I'm also hoping to hear about the job next week, let's hope so or I'm going to end up doing part of it anyway!