10 things I want to Sew

October 1, 2015

Well that was an impromptu blog break!  Thankfully I've been doing plenty of sewing in the past few days so I should have more to blog about soon.  Anyway, here is today's post.

I'm a list writer.  I don't tend to follow them but I can write them like you wouldn't believe. I go though stacks of post its at work like it is no ones business.   Anyway I started this list about a month ago and I've only just got around to posting it.  This means I've finished some projects, started some others and a majority are still on the list :).
  1. Marlborough Bra
  2. Swoon Quilt
  3. A Quilted Half Circle Skirt
  4. A Raincoat
  5. Crossover Shorts 
  6. A silk nightgown
  7. Simplicity 1105
  8. Simplicity 1104
  9. A Maxi Dress for Summer
  10. A winter jacket or cloak
It really is quite an eclectic mix so let me explain a few of them here.

A Marlborough Bra
                I've been making a few bras this year, firstly bralettes, then some Watsons so I think an underwired bra is the next step.  I've ordered a kit and some supplies so I'll buy the pattern when they arrive and get stuck in.  Yay for wearable handmade lingerie!  Check out my first Marlborough here

Marlborough Bra

A Swoon Quilt
                I don't think this one really needs much explanation, it's a Swoon Quilt, Swoon-worthy.  Enough said.

A Quilted Half Circle Skirt
                 I saw this one by Miss Maddy at Miss Maddy Sews, hers was inspired by Gertie.   Maddy warns you not to try this at home, but I think given the climate I live in, it would make skirts wearable year round.  I'm keen to try it for next winter.

A Raincoat
                 I found this on pinterest and I've been keen to try it out ever since.  Thankfully I should be able to make one for a special girl for Christmas.

Crossover Shorts
                  These were all the rage last summer, often trimmed with pompoms.  I have a bit of colourful rayon put away for these and I'm planning to trim them in white bias binding.

Silk Nightgown
                  It's one of those why not projects.  It would be fun to try, plus not to mention wonderful to wear!

Simplicity 1105 
                   I found this pattern online before it had been released here. Thankfully I have a wonderful sister who bought it back from the UK for me. It is a simple tent dress pattern and ready to be blogged soon.

Simplicity 1105

Simplicity 1104
                  I discovered this pattern at the same time as 1105 and fell in love the the top. I have a couple of scuba knit remnants I'm keen to try it out with!

A maxi dress for summer
                 I've had some amazing chiffon set aside for a maxi dress for years! I bought it when I was working at spotlight (and I finished there nearly 3 years ago!). I'd like to try and get it finished for Christmas this year. 

A winter jacket or cloak
                This is another bit of fabric I've had for years, from my time at spotlight. I've had the fabric set aside for this project but haven't gotten around to it. Let's hope by putting it on this list I get around to it!

Anyway I'll try and come back to update this post from time to time though I won't promise that I will ever finish all of them!


  1. What an awesome list of projects! I can't wait to see them all, especially the quilted skirt ;) I've been trying keep all my planned projects in order on a spreadsheet, but maybe if I list them out on blog post, maybe I'll feel a bit more committed (I too, am a list fan)!

    1. Thanks Maddy! A spreadsheet sounds like an wonderful idea! I tend to scribble lists when I'm at work and then they get lost in the depths of my handbag. I do have a bit of a list on my phone but it is woefully out of date these days.