When pretty things need washing

January 9, 2016

So with my ever increasing collection of handmade lingerie I decided it was time I start taking a bit better care of my creations. I've always been a chuck it all in the washing machine together type of person.  I've only ever ruined two shirts dong this, so I'm quite happy with those odds.

However I did decide it was time to start taking care of my own creations a little better and I decided I needed lingerie bags.  However why would you just go and buy a lingerie bag, that is way too easy and mainstream.  So I decided to make some.

Lingerie Bags

I tracked down the zippers and mesh fabric on AliExpress as I couldn't find any mesh locally and I just couldn't pass up 100 zippers for under $15.

Lingerie Bags

The whole construction process was rather simple, I raided my quilt binding scraps to get the binding fabric for these.  I plan on doing up a little tutorial for these at some point, they really are so easy though.

Lingerie Bags

Here's to making washing more fun!


  1. Clever and pretty! My current washing bags are looking a bit tired so I might need to follow this example and make myself some lovely new ones.

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

    1. I highly recommend it :) They do make washing just a little bit more fun