Blossoming Bouquet Bra Set

May 6, 2016

I'm glad to say I think I've got my sew jo back!  It was one of those times when you sew because you need to rather than cause you want to.  Anyway sometimes a quick project is all you need to get back into the swing of things!

I purchased some cotton spandex jersey from Spoonflower a little while ago and thankfully got stuck into it on the weekend for a quick Watson Bra & Rosy Ladyshorts (both by Cloth Habit).

Blossoming Bouquet Bra Set

I whipped these up in an afternoon, I've made a few Watsons & other bras now so I am fairly use to them.  This was the first time I'd made the Rosy Ladyshorts and I'm pleased to say they are super straightforward to make!

Blossoming Bouquet Bra Set

I can't remember the last time I wore a pair of boyshorts, however I'm a bit of a fan, I think I'll cut a size up (I was between a 6 & 8 and cut a 6) and then they should be perfect.  They sit really nicely and are quite true to size.

Blossoming Bouquet Bra Set

I really like the feel of this cotton spandex jersey, it's nice and soft with a good stretch that so far appears to have good recovery.  Time will show how the fabric holds up, especially being washed but I'm really happy overall.  Especially considering I managed to get this whole set from a fat quarter.  Considering the little investment it's a really affordable way to end up with some totally custom lingerie.   :)


  1. It sort of blows my mind that you make bras and panties because they seem difficult. It makes sense though if you can get such nice items out of a fat quarter! These are very pretty. I really like the flowers on the dark background. I think the best advantage, though, is the custom fit.

    1. Patterns like the Watson are surprisingly easy, of course once you're talking underwires things are a little more complicated but still great fun to make :). I love this fabric too, it's so lovely in real life. A custom fit is pretty amazing, beats store bought any day of the week!