Mermaid Leggings - Sprout Patterns x Sloan Leggings

July 22, 2016

I'd been keen to try out Spoonflower's Sprout Patterns for a while, the thought of not having to print off a pattern or trace one was a very, very appealing thought.  I was looking at their available patterns and fell in love with Hey June's Sloan Leggings.  A few days later I found a discount code and needless to say the rest was history.

Sprout Patterns Sloan Leggings

I ordered them on Spoonflowers Sports Lycra and I can't rate it highly enough, the fabric is absolutely perfect for leggings, stretchy, supportive.  I have multiple metres in my shopping cart for future orders.

Sprout Patterns Sloan Leggings

I am so in love with the Sloan Leggings pattern that I've sworn off buying any leggings ever again and I'm destined to make all my leggings.  The curved waistband allows them to sit at just the right spot and not need to be pulled up every five seconds during a work out.  Not to mention the rest of the fit is just incredible!  I normally have an issue with my thighs being too large for things in my waist/hips size, don't know if it's the stretch of the fabric, but it is so amazing.

Sprout Patterns Sloan Leggings

I also used the flatlock stitch on my overlocker for the first time to put these leggings together.  I'm pleased to report my overlocker and I are now friends.  I think the flatlock stitch adds a really professional finish to these tights.  I've got plenty more in my future!

Now if only Activewear fabric was easier to find locally!