A Modern Day Dorothy - Myosotis Dress

January 22, 2023

 So I might be the last person in the sewing community to make the Deer and Doe Myosotis Dress.  I feel like I've been seeing it everywhere for the last few years now.  Its a classic v neck dress with a gathered skirt and collar stand.  I made veiw A with allllll the gathering. 

I think the gathering was what put me off, I love the look of gathering, however I always think its more effort than it is.  Thankfully the result is always worth it.

I used a beatiful navy and white rayon gingham which I purchased from The Fabric Store during theire sale late last year.  This is one of the most beautiful rayons I've ever worked with.  It had a beautiful weight and drape, plus is just good quality. I purchased 2.5m and managed to just squeeze it out, even though the fabric recommendations state 3m. Nothing a bit of pattern tetris can't solve!

To save time, and be kinder to myself, I used my overlocker to do a rolled hem on both the skirt and sleeves.  This was so much quicker than doing a double (or single for that matter) fold hem, especially given the length of the hem - I think this is about 3m from memory, if not a bit longer!

This was a surprisingly quick make, I think probably about 3-4 hours from start to finish, if that. I made it while on a sewing retreat with some friends so it probably could have been done quicker if there wasn't so much chatting.