$5 Myrtle Dress

January 29, 2015

I'm attending an Olave Program conference next weekend and on Saturday night we're having an Op Shop themed dinner.  Some of the girls are planning trashy 80's prom themed dresses, however I don't like spending money on things I'm not going to wear again.  Especially as I'm trying to save for a house.

So I made myself a challenge of getting something wearable for this dinner, despite what my friends might be saying.

I got three metres of a grey suiting (Gabardine maybe?) and set myself a challenge of turning it into a dress, easy enough right?  Well I hadn't thought about lining. Rookie mistake.  Thankfully I remembered about the Colette Myrtle Pattern I had purchased at the end of the last year.  Did you know it's possible to get a fully lined Myrtle dress out of three metres of 150 wide fabric?  Well it is!  It takes a little careful cutting but you can do it!

I really love the cowl neck of this dress, it looks especially good in a drapey fabric.  This one is a little stiff but you've got t work with what you've got ;)

It still needs hemming in these photos but you get the idea  :)

Myrtle Dress
Myrtle Dress
Myrtle Dress
Myrtle Dress
Overall I really love this pattern!  The front of the bodice is self lined which makes it super neat, plus it can be made from stretch or woven so it is a pattern worth adding to your collection.

One of my friends thinks it need to look worse for this dinner, however I'm all for actually getting something from the op shop you'd actually wear!
Emma :)