Handmade Tuesday #2 - Dotty Rayon 1/2 Circle Skirt

January 27, 2015

I missed Handmade Tuesday last week.  To be brutally honest I just forgot.  I've forgiven myself considering I spent last Monday in bed and struggled enough getting out of bed for work Tuesday morning let alone thinking of something nice to wear :)

This week is my handmade outfit is one of my favourites, its a half circle skirt made in rayon. Rayon has to be one of my favourite fabrics ever!  Its so soft and drapey and flowy, I love it!

I like using this calculator App from By Hand London to work out my measurements, it makes life so much easier!

You'll also probably start to notice that my shirts remain the same, it's just a work uniform shirt and I haven't really branched into shirts yet!
Rayon Circle Skirt

Anyway, enjoy your Tuesday and I hope your Australia Day was well spent :)

Emma :)