A Modified Simplicity 1877

February 20, 2015

I was looking for a dress pattern with a v neck.  I know it should be easy enough to alter but I'd tried and I just couldn't get it working.  Anyway Spotlight was having a great pattern sale, 3 patterns for $10!  We've been ripped off in Australia long enough with pattern prices so I am really pleased that these sales seem to becoming a semi regular thing!

Simplicity 1877

I sat and flipped through the pattern books and spied Simplicity #1877.  I liked the bodice on it and for just over $3 I thought why not.

I got it home and made a muslin, and another out of rayon, but I'm not blogging about either of them today.  I had purchased three metres of a lovely teal cotton sateen from Spotlight during one of their 40% off sales (Can you tell I shop there a lot?  Most of the girls in Sew know me my name!), with the intention of making a v neck dress with a half circle skirt, so that was what I did.

I simply used the bodice from 1877, a view A, view B has some shoulder ruffles.  I cut the skirt longer than I needed to so I could compensate for the rise at the centre of the bodice.  I think this worked quite well for it, even if it did waste some fabric.  To calculate my circle skirt I have come to rely on the By Hand London Circle Skirt Calculator App. I did have another excel document I downloaded from somewhere but last time I looked it appeared the website had been removed.

Instead of cutting the facings from the pattern I finished the neck, sleeves and skirt with premade black and white gingham bias binding also from Spotlight (sensing a pattern?  They don't pay me anything I swear!).    Anyway enough rambling, time for some photos.

I really love the contrast the binding adds to it, plus I don't need to worry about facings.

Neckline binding

I am also fully aware that the binding on the neckline is not perfect but it's not too bad really.

Back Closure

Again, not prefect but pretty good.

Skirt Finishing
I really love the volume of a half circle skirt.  Especially in a fabric with some weight like this sateen.  I really should try a quarter circle skirt next time, I find full circles too much fabric for my liking.

I don't have any photos of it on me (typical) I'll try and add some when I get the chance :)

What volume of circle skirt do you prefer?

Emma :)