February 28, 2015

Try as I might to blog really regularly (2-3 time a week is my goal) this week it didn't happen.  For a number of reasons really.  I didn't wear anything handmade on Tuesday, my rotation of work appropriate handmade things is really slim in reality.  When I don't go anywhere on a Tuesday night it really makes a Handmade Tuesday post rather challenging. 

I've been buying plenty of fabric though and sewing a little (just no photos at the moment).  I've playing with some knit fabric this weekend and plan to show you what I've gotten up to during the week if everything goes to plan.

Stress is never fun, even when it is for good reasons. Or things that will be good in the end anyway.

Apparently house (or unit in my case) buying is stressful!  Anyway provided everything goes to plan this little slice of Australia will be mine! (And the banks for the next 30 years!) It has everything I need, like a sewing room, and some things I don't, like 80's carpet!
I'm sure you'll see more about my unit as time goes by, but please just bear with the erratic posting for the time being :)