22 Things you probably don't know about me

April 4, 2015

In the lead up to the 22nd Birthday I thought I would share a few things about myself you probably don't know.  Also because I haven't really done any sewing lately with painting and removing laminate floor and such. 
  1.  I know way more about concrete and aggregates than most girls my age.  I started working for my current employer in an Aggregate and Concrete Laboratory doing data entry and compressive strength testing on concrete.  It was really an interesting job, I  can now tell you all about different concrete strengths and how to decipher mix codes.  After just over 12 months I moved to a different role as an Administration Officer for the local concrete area office.
  2. I work with the best people ever.  Seriously I love going to work these days.  From bosses who let you hide in their office from people you don't want to see, to people who change you're tyre for you when it's flat.  Seriously. best. people. ever.
  3. My favourite fabric designers are Sweetwater and Bonnie and Camille.  Vanessa Christenson is right up there too!  I think it's pretty obvious why.
  4. Denyse Schmidt once liked a photo of a quilt I posted on facebook.
  5. DS
  6. I have four nephews and no nieces.  I do have a few adopted nieces I can sew for through when I feel the urge to sew cute little girl things :)
  7. My sisters are 18 & 15 years older than me.  I have a kinda complicated family tree. 
  8. I have been to the UK twice.  Once when I was 15 and again at 18 when I did my compulsory eurotrip.
  9. 1509681_10153106762289417_1607285915127633588_n
  10. I am single and pretty happy to be that way at the moment.  Its going to take someone pretty special to change that.  Especially considering my last break up.
  11. I have the best family ever.  So this one might be subjective but I know they're pretty awesome.  Who else gives up weekends to help you paint and helps you move without a second thought.  Not to mention when one of my sisters and I were visiting our other sister in London my Mum and Nan were invited to my BIL's families Christmas. 
  12. I've been un-invited to Christmas (This helped contribute to point #8)
  13. I am stubborn - Just ask my mother
  14. I have more UFO's than I want to count.
  15. I paid off my car within 15 months - most of that I was only working part time.  I guess #11 does have its benefits
  16. I don't drink coffee.  It gives me a headache which is not worth the little buzz from the caffeine.  It's also not the caffeine because I can drink coke and it's not an issue.
  17. I have a dog named Bentley.  He is the most adorable King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.  His nickname is Floppy because he has adorable floppy ears.
  18. Bentley
  19. When I was 12 we got a dog named Cherry.  I use to say she was mine, but in reality she is mums.
  20. I use to own horses, Louis and Gene.  I fell off and broke my wrist when I tried to jump on bareback.  Louis is now with the Queensland Police Stock Squad doing what he was bred to do.  Gene is now competing in competitions around QLD. And I no longer ride
  21. I am happy to stay home and sew on a Friday or Saturday night.  Or in this case write a blog post!
  22. When I finished high school I wanted to be a photographer.  Now I don't remember the last time I picked up my DSLR. :(
  23. 24676_347856979416_7642208_n
  24. My favourite TV shows are Greys Anatomy and Gilmore Girls!  I also have a bit of a thing for reality TV like The Block.
  25. One day I would love to either design fabric or patterns.  Maybe both.  I guess this is my plan for a few years down the track.
  26. My favourite colour is that colour between Teal and Aqua that is really popular at the moment.  Thankfully that doesn't stop me from loving it!
So, it's official writing 22 things was a little bit of an effort!  But hopefully that means you have a bit more of an insight into me.  I'd love to learn a few more things about you!



  1. Thanks for that! I love learning more about the people I follow on IG!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I hope you found out a few little things. I'm sure I'll share more another time. I thought I was struggling but now I remmeber things I missed!

  2. Great post Emma! Would love to see any of your fabric designs.

    1. Thanks Diana! Email me if you want and I'll send you a link to my spoonflower page :)