Some of my Quilts #1 - Baby Briar Rose

May 21, 2015

I thought I would share some of the quilts I made pre-blog. In the days when I was too scared to see clothes! Please excuse the photos, it was pre blog days and I don't even have pictures of some of the finished quilts!

 This baby quilt is one of my favourites! It was gifted to a very special baby at the baby shower. I'm pleased to note it even featured in a facebook cover photo :)

It's made from a Briar Rose layer cake and homespun from spotlight. The pattern is loosley based on Giggles by Jaybird Quilts but as I didn't buy the pattern or ruler before diving in I used a creative grids ruler. 

I had a bit of fabric left over from each layer cake square and used that for a border.

The backing is on of the prints from the line. I'm very glad I went with the blue toned one as more pink may have been too much!
Briar Rose Baby Quilt