Winter Wardrobe - Flannelette Pyjama Pants

June 6, 2015

Winter Pyjama Pants

In preparation for winter (that I thought had started a few weeks ago but apparently not quite yet judging by the weather today) I thought I would whip up a couple of pairs of new pj pants.  I found these flannelettes at Spotlight this season and knew I had to have them, I mean dandelions are my favourite and who could resist cute cartoon animals wearing glasses?!

Winter Pyjamas
I used an old simplicity pattern for these, so old I have no idea where the envelope is and couldn't tell you the number for anything.  I've been using a traced copy for as long as I can remember.

I do think these are a little on the large side for me, but I would prefer them to be a bit baggy because they are pj pants after all. 
Winter Pyjamas
I do have a few little tricks when I make these though, just to make them a little bit nicer and add a few other touches too them. 

The first one is adding a tag ( I just use ribbon) at the back so you know which is the back and front.  I find this especially important if I'm not adding a ribbon or embellishment at the front, which I haven't to these.  You might want to make sure you check which is the back and front before you add it in (NOT that I'm speaking from experience or anything.....)

Winter Pyjamas
The next one is to stitch the elastic in at the side seams.  This is helpful as it keeps the elastic even around the waistband and keeps the gathers even so they look a bit nicer.  I do this as I tend to have quite a lot of material for the amount of elastic. You can see the little row of stitching in the ditch in the photo below.
Winter Pyjamas

I got my overlocker back from being serviced a day or two ago, after a few teething (read tension) issues, I'm pleased to report it is working much, much better than before! So much quieter and nicer to use.


I've also linked up with Amanda over at Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday!

How often do you get your sewing machine/overlocker serviced?


  1. I love flannel and even fleece when it's chilly weather, but have to admit to wearing my fleece as cozy day clothes as much as pj's. Sewing in them makes me look like a thread magnet, but deliciously comfy.

    I'm pretty darn vigilant about servicing my machines. I have a 20+ year old Pfaff that needs to have brushes maintained. It can be a chain reaction when one thing goes out and takes another with it, and some parts are no longer available. My serger is used far less these days, but it all depends on what I've been sewing. Micro fleece is a killer for lint! My sewing machine tech says even if we sew every single day, which I do, once a year is still good. Oil those machines they say need it, like a drop in the bobbin case, and use your lint brush faithfully, but more than that is wasting money and valuable time to sew.
    He covers the whole US working on specialty machines so I trust his opinion.

    Love your print picks, too!

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  2. Thanks Julie! These pants are so comfy I barely want to get out of them to go to work!

    I've been quite slack about serving my machines until sometime goes wrong. Hopefully this will change with the repair man being within walking distance from my new house!