Some of my Quilts #3 - Come What May

June 4, 2015

This is the third post in a series showing some of my pre-blog quilts. See the other posts here.

This quilt is one of my all time favourites! (How many favourite quilts can you have?) This one is a baby sized version of the brilliant Come What May pattern by Jaybird Quilts. It was a wonderfully written pattern, like all Jaybird Quilts patterns are! 

The fabric is all from DS quilts lines, all purchased from Spotlight. With all the blues its almost a low volume quilt without using traditionally low volume fabric.  Plus I made it long before I knew low volume was even a thing!

Come What May Quilt

I quilted this quilt on my quilting frame, so the stitches are amazingly even!

One of my favourite things about this quilt is that when I posted a photo of it to Jaybird Quilts facebook page Denyse Schmidt liked the photo! With her personal page! Talk about fan girl moment!
Fan Girl Moment
Who are your favourite rock star quilters?