Fabric Tray

July 17, 2015

Sometimes I think its important to post things that don't always turn out 100%. I know that when I read blog after blog that has wonderful seemingly perfect projects I can get a little down, so take heart that my finish for this week is no where near perfect!

Fabric Tray

I hadn't touched my sewing machine all week, I've done plenty of planning, but with Guides kicking back off this week I hadn't gotten any sewing done, until this afternoon that is.  I knew I wanted to whip something up really quickly for the week and had seen these cute fabric trays on instagram not too long ago.  Anyway I figured I understood the basic principals, thought I had what I needed so I raided my stash and set to work.

Fabric Basket

Anyway, it sure isn't prefect but I got what I wanted - more or less.  The fabric is loose in the centre and I bound it because the interfacing I had was so stiff I wouldn't have been able to pull it though. Anyway, at least I finished something this week.

Fabric Basket

I will admit it does look much better from the bottom!  I will plan on making more fabric trays hopefully sometime soon, but I'll make sure I track down a tutorial first and have the right materials (you think I would have learnt from last week!).

Is finished better than perfect?  Or are you a perfectionist?



  1. I never seem to learn this lesson. I always think I can wing it, then it ends up looking like "I winged it", or at least it does to me. Then, I make another with the actual directions or patter. I don't think anybody but you notices the imperfections.

    1. Thats so true! We are always willing to point out the floors in our own work and so willing to accept them in someone elses. :)