Red Lace Watson Bra

August 21, 2015

I posted about my first Watson Bra last week, I promised then it wouldn't be my last and neither will this one!

Red Lace Watson Bra

For this one, I made view B, again in a 38A.  I think I prefer the longline style but that also might be because it is more supportive as the pattern isn't designed for underwires.  Saying that how can you go wrong with a red lace bra?

Red Lace Watson Bra

I used another kit from Susan at Measure Twice, Cut Once.  They are a really great way to get everything you need for a bra, and really well priced too!  It's only now that I've made a few bras I'm starting to look at sourcing all my own materials and creating a bit of a stash.  Until you're ready to commit to making multiple bras I highly recommend a kit.

Red Lace Watson Bra

I think the scalloping on the bottom of this bra is my favourite part.  I think it adds a lovely touch.  The elastic I used has picot edges so I sat it up a little further than normal so the scallop edging would be a feature.

Red Lace Watson Bra

You can see the picot elastic peeking out in the photo above.  The good thing about it being hand made is everyone who sees photos is so impressed that I made it they don't seem to notice any flaws :).

I must confess I haven't made a pair of undies to match yet, but I did find ones at Trade Secret that were too close to pass up.  Sometimes it is just easier to buy some things than it is to make them.

What have you been sewing this week?



  1. This is SO gorgeous!! You really can't go wrong with red lace, and what a pretty red! You did a beautiful job balancing the lace between the cups too! <3

    1. Thanks Erin! I really do love it, I can't wait to get started with some underwired bras so I can wear them daily