Paradis Latin Bra Set

October 9, 2015

I seem to be having a lot of those weeks lately.  The ones where nothing in life seems to go right or be simple and as a result I barely touch my sewing machine.  If I can clean up my house this weekend I have so much I want to sew!  Of course more sewing means more blogging so lets hope I can get that happening.  Worst come to worst I should have more free time next year so I can spend more time growing my blog.  That's the plan anyway, we will have to see if it all works out.

Anyway I have managed to squeeze in a bit of sewing over the past few weeks weeks.  This time I've got a longline Watson Bra and a matching Watson Bikini to share.  I'm calling this one my Paradis Latin Bra Set, after the cabaret show I saw in Paris on my Topdeck tour.

Watson Bra and Panties

As you know this is not my first Watson (see the others here) and it sure won't be my last.  I already have one cut out and more than that planned.

I used a lace remnant I found at my local Lincraft.  I was still expensive at half price (I'm no Miss Maddy when it comes to remnant finding skills) but I had to have it.  I believe it's in the system as "Stretch Lace" making it a little hard to identify.

Watson Bra and Panties

I made the bra in my standard 38A and the undies in a XL.  I lined the cradle of the bra with some red stain tricot left over from a kit from Measure Twice Cut Once.  I also used this fabric for the band.  The cups are unlined.  The strappings are elastic are all from Lincraft.  I used a non picot elastic for the band and it has given it a clean finish.  The inside seams are all uncovered so it looks a bit worse for wear on the inside but still looks quote okay from the right side.

Watson Bra and Panties

The undies, which were the first Watson Bikini I've made, have quickly became a favourite and are in a fairly heavy rotation in my underwear draw (is that TMI??).  Either way I love them.  They are a fraction too big so I'm planning my next pair to be a straight large (as opposed to the XL).  I know that the stretch of the fabric can have an impact on this of course and this lace is rather stretchy so my size might vary dependent on the fabric choice.

I'm expecting many more Watson Bikinis in my future, and even a few more out of this fabric I think.  I'm hoping to have something a bit more luxe to share next week.  If I can get the time at my machine that is.

Til next time,