Sometimes I still quilt....

January 31, 2016

Quilting was what got me into sewing.  The first thing I really ever made, out of a school home economics class was a quilt for my nephew.  That was about five and a half years ago now, in fact he starts school this week. Since then I've made quite a number of quilts, some have taken months, some hours, some are big, some are small, however all are made with love.  This one is no different.  I signed up for a swap on Instagram before Christmas and this was what I created.

I used V & Co's wonderful ombre fabrics to create this mini.  I honestly wished I could have kept it, but I can always make another.

Cherry Days Skirt

The photo includes some of the little extras I included in the parcel, and a few blocks of chocolate.  A girl can never have too much chocolate!

I've also just started another quilt, I'm hoping it looks as amazing when finished as it does in my head, saying that progress is looking good!