Ten Things I want to sew - Update

February 12, 2016

Back in October I posted a list of ten things I wanted to sew.  I thought I'd do a quick update about how I was going with this list.

Thankfully I've managed to cross a couple of things off, some are long term projects, some are much shorter term.
  1. Marlborough Bra
  2. Swoon Quilt
  3. A Quilted Half Circle Skirt
  4. A Raincoat
  5. Crossover Shorts 
  6. A silk nightgown
  7. Simplicity 1105
  8. Simplicity 1104
  9. A Maxi Dress for Summer
  10. A winter jacket or cloak

A Marlborough Bra
                I've made a couple of Marlboroughs now and while they're okay, I haven't managed to prefect the fit or come as close as I have with the Bolyston.  I'm sure I'll come back to this again soon, but for the time being I'm quite happy to mark this one as done :).

Marlborough Bra

A Swoon Quilt
                This one is a very long term project, no progress update other than I've been quilting again.  I'm not sure what fabric I want to use for this one either, I often think Make Life by Sweetwater would be fun but then again some lovely soft florals might be better.

A Quilted Half Circle Skirt
                 It's been much to hot to even think about this one!  Days well over 30 degrees means it's shorts weather and nothing warm needed!  I'm very keen to get this one going for winter though.

A Raincoat
                 Again, nothing happening yet, hopefully one day soon but to be honest it's not very high on my to do list.

Crossover Shorts
                  Cut out, half together, something didn't line up and they're somewhere in the bottom of my sewing room.  They'll be a quick finish when I feel like it :).

Silk Nightgown
                 No fabric yet but I did purchase Vogue 8888 the other day so I think I at least have the pattern sorted.

Ten things I want to sew

Simplicity 1105 
                   Done!  You can find the post about it here.  I'm rather tempted to make a shirt using a different view of the same pattern.  I think I'd get a bit more wear out of it being a shirt rather than a dress.  Again it should be a quick simple make, when I get around to it.

Simplicity 1105

Simplicity 1104
                  I made a muslin of this one a while back with some scuba knit.  There was a CRAZY amount of ease in the pattern I ended up having to take it in about four inches to make it wearable.  At least I know this now and will cut out a more appropriate size this time.  I've also picked up some satin backed shantung to make the dress.  Lets hope it works!

A maxi dress for summer
                 There's always next summer right?

A winter jacket or cloak
                I now have fabric and a pattern! (Very Easy) Vogue 8959 and some fabric from deep in the stash.  I'm pretty keen to make this, one day when I can bare the thought of cutting out heavy fabric (It's been so long I think it's a wool blend but I'm not sure).  I'm planning on making view B (the middle length). The best bit is if I don't like it my mum has already said how much she loves the  pattern so I'm sure it will bet used.

Ten things I want to sew

I've also got a few additions...

A cot sized Come What May Quilt
                I've got to finish this one in about a week or so..... It's for my nephews birthday, he has a fire engine bed so what better than a fire engine quilt to go with it.  Expect to see this one soon, I've already started cutting it out.  The last time I made a quilt from this pattern I had it finished in a day, Lets hope I can knock this one out in record time too.

Ten things I want to sew

Vogue 1374 Sequined Ball Gown
                I scored this pattern the other day when I took advantage of Spotlights 2 for $12 Vogue pattern sale and I fell head over heels. I seriously need somewhere to wear this dress so I can justify making it.  I'm totally lusting after it.

Ten things I want to sew

Vintage Vogue 1172 
                I've been wanting this pattern for a while, I love the neckline and princess seams.  The skirt is a little too full for my liking but I'm planning on just not adding the godets. I've already purchased some navy delustered satin (at 50% off!).  Again I'm in no rush to make this one, it's a long term make and nothing I want to rush into for fear of stuffing up.

Ten things I want to sew

So these days my list looks something like this....  

  1. Marlborough Bra
  2. Swoon Quilt (one day)
  3. A Quilted Half Circle Skirt
  4. A Raincoat
  5. Crossover Shorts (half finished)
  6. A silk nightgown (pattern picked)
  7. Simplicity 1105
  8. Simplicity 1104 (Pattern and fabric)
  9. A Maxi Dress for Summer
  10. A winter jacket or cloak (Pattern & fabric)
  11. Cot Sized Come What May (this week!)
  12. Vogue 1374 Sequined Ball Gown
  13. Vintage Vogue 1172


  1. I have that very same cape pattern so I'm intrigued to see how yours turns out. Good luck with your list! It looks like a great combination of fun things to make.

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

  2. A silk nightgown is on my list too, but when I take a look at the fabric length needed and compare it with silk price.. ouch! I have to spare some for that :)
    Good luck!