Popsicle Skirt

February 23, 2016

I walked into my local Spotlight the other day and all their clearance fabric was down to $4/m, considering I just went in for 3m of bias binding and some scuba knit it was very dangerous.  Needless to say I walked out with about 7m of clearance fabric.  I really need to start curbing my fabric buying habits.  I think I need to start limiting it to notions and fabric to finish specific projects, like a contrast, lining, backing or binding fabric.

Popsicle Skirt

To start with I grabbed 1.5m of a cotton linen blend and got straight to work.  I love it when fabric and inspiration strike at the same time!  I knew I wanted to make a button up pleated skirt so a quick google provided me with this tutorial from Sew DIY.  I didn't really follow the tutorial that much but it was great to ensure I was on the right track.  When I mentioned to mum that I was planning on making a button from skirt her first words were "oh those are really hard, you've got to get all those buttons sitting flat."  Well I'm pleased to say I think I nailed it.  It's time like these I'm very grateful for a machine that has a sensor buttonhole feature.

Popsicle Skirt

I used french seams for the inside seams and cheated and just turned up the selvedge for the hem, I'm all for making sewing easier when you can!  I interfaced the button panels and the waistband with a medium weight interfacing.  It's also got a button and hook and eye closure on the waistband, while a zip would have been cheaper than the buttons (Seriously Spotlight $3.50 for 3 buttons?!?!?!), I love the more relaxed look that the buttons give.

Popsicle Skirt

My very technical way of ensuring my pleats were even was to measure them with a pin.  This resulted in there being no pleats for about 4 inches at the back, I do really think I prefer it this way, less volume in certain areas is always a good thing. 

Also Miss Maddy would be proud to know I wore this skirt to work today, I think more skirts have to make it into my work wardrobe rotation.  Something else I noticed today is that this pleated skirt was much more resistant to blowing up in the wind than a circle skirt. 

Anyway I'm working on a bra using a kit from Erin's store The Emerald Studio and I'm blown away with it.  Plenty of fabric, amazing quality, I can't wait to see this bra made up.


  1. LOVE this skirt! The button-down is such a cute yet smart look, I think I may need to take inspiration from you ;) and you're right, I am very proud! I just finished my Lincraft fabric sale skirt last week (a cute little dirndl to be posted soon), so clearly we're on the same page right now! I'm so excited to see your new make from Erin's kit too, I'll be getting my batch of goodies from her soon - so keen :)))

    1. I think I've got a few more of these type of skirts in my future, they're so much fun to make and wear. I can't wait to see your new skirt, I have a feeling it will be amazing. I'm often a little concerned about how on the same wave length we sometimes are. In the week leading up to your fast fashion and sensible sewing post I had been thinking about the same thing :). I don't blame you for being excited about Erin's kits, they are to die for! I'm sure what you make with be amazing :)