Gift Idea - A Spoonflower Custom Cushion

March 25, 2016

It was my sisters birthday earlier in the week and I'm happy to be able to cross her off as receiving a handmade gift, in my year of giving handmade.  I mentioned the other week about some fabric I had ordered from Spoonflower, well I'm pleased to show the results.

Birthday Cushion

I whipped up this cushion for my sister featuring her married name and the year that her and her husband got married.  I designed the feature panel in photoshop and uploaded the design to Spoonflower and they printed it.  You can get two cushion panels and a bit extra on a fat quarter of fabric.  I got these panels printed on Kona as I knew I'd most likely be using quilting cotton for the borders and backing.  The whole process is super simple, I'll see if I can do up a tutorial for them next time I order one.

Birthday Cushion

I added a two inch border in my sisters favourite colour, it's backed in the same fabric.  I'm pretty sure it was a poplin from Spotlight and not a quilting cotton however it was the right colour and that is what really matters sometimes :).

Birthday Cushion

I hand stitched the opening closed, I didn't feel like overlocking, french seaming or finishing the seams in anyway so the simplest way was to make an actual cushion not just a cushion cover.  My hand stitching is not the best but I'm pretty pleased with this attempt.

I've also got another one whipped up for a wedding present but I'll share that after the wedding, it's still a little while away yet.


  1. What a thoughtful, pretty pillow for your sister! I'm sure she'll love it since you have put so much work and love into it. Love your idea for a year of handmade gifts. I bet everyone wants to be on your list!

    1. Thanks Mary, it's not going overly well so far, only 2/5 have received homemade presents. I'll see how I go with the rest or if I can catch up :)