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April 8, 2016

I've shopped at my only remaining local fabric (non quilting) store for the final time.  The type of store where the owner knows the composition of the fabric without looking at the tags.  The type of store that has been a feature in the main street of my town since the 1920's, where treasures are hidden and purchases are wrapped in brown paper even in 2016.

I'm guilty of not supporting my local store as much as I should.  Advertising and cheap prices and easy parking tend to make the big chain stores seem like an easier option.

At those stores you don't get the service that the local store gives you, someone who double checks your measurements to make sure you're not buying too much fabric.  You don't get someone who goes above and beyond to try and help find the fabric you want do you don't need to settle and you certainly don't come home with your purchase wrapped in brown paper.

So I urge you to check out that local store that's been around forever, that one where you think the fabric is too old fashioned but has hidden surprises.  That one you've taken for granted because it's been in the same spot your whole life.

Check out the store that has been there forever because you never know when it won't be there anymore.

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Vale Saba's


  1. Love this post, so sentimental :) I wish I even had a local fabric store!- but I do love to find as many local shops to support as possible :)

    1. Thanks Erin. This is about the fourth local fabric store that's closed in my lifetime. You'd think in a town of 100,000 people there would be enough support but sadly apparently not. I love supporting local business and other small business, it's such an important part of the business community and we certainly can't take it for granted.