Feathers Quit

January 12, 2015

I promised my friend a quilt for her 21st birthday back in 2013.  Somehow life got in the way like it always seems to.

It took me months to decide on a pattern and pull fabric she liked, especially as her one request was it match a cushion cover I had made about two years before.

Finally we settled on Feathers by Anna Maria Horner using a range of scrappy fabrics from Spotlight and East Coast.  I ordered a set of acrylic templates from the Sunset Seams Etsy Store to make cutting a little easier.   So for her 22nd birthday my friend got some blocks for her quilt.

Fast forward another few months and I had a finished quilt top.  Add another few months onto that and I got around to making the backing fabric.  We narrowed down the selections to this.

Feathers Quilt Backing
A strip of feather fabric from Spotlight surrounded on either side by old DS lines, also from Spotlight.
Binding was again from Spotlight, a nice navy, white and gold metallic stripe.  I bought a metre of it and cut it all up for binding.  Its already been used on this one and another quilt.
Feather Quilt Binding
However it was the basting of this quilt which was a mission.  I took a photo of the process, just because it was much more effort than the normal sized quilt I would make.
Feather Quilt Basting
It took up the entire lounge room!  Even after I moved the couch out of the way.  And yes trashy reality TV makes everything better!
Thankfully quilting didn't take too long, eight bobbins of quilting.  It should have been nine but there was a tiny patch left when the eighth one emptied.  So there it stayed.  I was well and truly done by that point. 
I was keeping my friend updated throughout the whole process.  So when I let her know it was finished in the washing machine by sending her this photo she could barely wait for it to dry.  In fact she was so keen to get it she couldn't wait for it to be 100% dry, let alone for me to get a photo! 
Feathers Quilt Washed
Thankfully she did send one through a few days later.  And I'm pretty impressed with how it matched the cushion that started it all!
Feathers Quilt Finished
I'm very happy with how it turned out, even though I'm not sure I'll ever make one again!
Emma :)