Handmade Tuesday #1 - Simply Color Pencil Skirt

January 13, 2015

Towards the end of last year I started a personal challenge of wearing something handmade every Tuesday.  I'm not really sure why I settled on Tuesday but I think it started by coincidence as I wore handmade items for a few Tuesdays in a row and decided to try and make it habbit.

I started chronicling them on instagram using #handmadetuesday.  #Adventuresindressmaking and #handmadeclothing also feature on most of my garment making related posts. 

This week, for my first week back at work after a lovely three weeks of holidays I am wearing a skirt I whipped up towards the end of last week.

Dotty Pencil Skirt

The skirt is made from the Dot Print from Simply Color by V and Co for Moda.  I'm fairly certain it's long out of print but you might be able to track it down somewhere still.  It is lined with Pongee Lining from Spotlight.  Not the best but it was in my stash and using it was better than having to buy something else.

I drafted a pencil skirt pattern using this tutorial from Simple Simon and Company.  I found it really helpful with clear detailed instructions.  I would also recommend checking out their Pencil Skirt Sew Along for more helpful tips and tricks

This tutorial also from Simple Simon and Company was also incredibly helpful for inserting an invisible zipper with lining.  It was my first time attempting this properly and I am incredibly pleased it worked.  I'm very proud of this.  This time last year I didn't sew clothes because the curves scared me! Not to mention Zippers!

Fully Lined Skirt Zipper

Overall I am very happy with how it turned out! Though my favourite bit might be the selvedge hidden in the hem! In an effort to use a little fabric as possible while getting a decent length I cut the bottom of the skirt right on the selvedge and just turned it over and stitched it down. Cute and thrifty!

Hidden Selvedge Hem

Emma :)