Everyone Deserves Pretty Knickers - Betty Knickers

June 9, 2015

As I've mentioned before I'm a little in love with Ohhh Lulu's patterns and creations, I've already used her Grace Knickers pattern a few times before.  This time I used her High Waisted Betty Pattern with some nice results.

Betty Knickers! 

The pattern is similar to Grace in the way that they have panels of stretch on the sides. The major difference being obviously that Betty is high waisted. In the interests of full disclosure  the instructions weren't particularly comprehensive there were enough to work out what needed to be done

I'm going to be completely honest and say I've never own or worn a pair of high waisted undies before but I think I'm a little in love. I probably wouldn't wear them to work everyday but for something a little different these are amazing. I'm actually really digging wearing them under high rise jeans.

Betty Knickers!

For my first pair I used a cotton jersey (given to me by a friend) and mesh for the outer panels. While the fit isn't perfect (I cut an extra large) I'll probably try a Large for the next pair if using stretch fabrics. I'm hoping that that will help with some of the fit issues and make them a little tighter fitting.

Using the cotton for the main panelling feels amazing. I plan on making more than one pair out of this fabric for sure!

Betty Knickers!

I used a Ric Rac elastic around the leg holes and fold over elastic for the first time ever on the waist. I'm not sure I attached the elastic correctly and I stuffed up by putting the join at the front not the back, thankfully a bow distracts from it.

Betty Knickers!

Overall I do recommend this pattern. The fit is good and the high waist is a thumbs up in my book. I'm planning to make many more, especially out of Jersey!