Some of my Quilts #6 - Hometown Lighthouse

June 24, 2015

This post is the sixth in a series of posts about some of my pre-blog quilts.  See the rest of them here.

Hometown Lighthouse

This quilt is a staple on the couch.  Not too stiff, not too small.  It's a bit like baby bears bed in quilt form, just right!  The pattern is Lighthouse by Sweetwater, released with their Hometown fabric line.

I managed to score a pre release jelly roll (before I knew what pre release really was).  I ordered a few of the patterns from them around this time and this was one of them.

Hometown Lighthouse

It was simple to make and really effective, though probably not recommended for large prints.  I bound it in a print from the line as well.

Hometown Lighthouse

The border and backing came from Spotlight (Surprise, Surprise right?).  I really love the backing fabric its got a tree of life feel about it.

Hometown Lighthouse

I straight line quilted the main section of the quilt and then did a loopy design on the borders.

I really must make another quilt using this pattern!