Ohhh Lulu Jasmine Bra

July 3, 2015

So I actually used the fabric I blogged about in last weeks Sunday Stash.  Let me preface by saying I am in L.O.V.E with the results.

I was really in the mood to sew the other day.  I knew I had no plans and after a very busy week so I got set up in my sewing room with Gilmore Girls playing on my laptop and got stuck in.

Jasmine Bra

Until recently I had never even considered sewing things like bras, undies and lingerie.  I don't know why, they'd just never been on my radar.  I'd seen a few different things on pinterest and they had caught my eye.  However it wasn't until I stumbled across Ohhh Lulu that I was hooked. So far I've made undies using both her Grace and Betty patterns.

Jasmine Bra

I used the Ohhh Lulu Jasmine Bra pattern and honestly can't believe how easy it was.  There were only three pattern pieces, each on a separate page so no taping required.  Plus if you made it unlined you would only need to sew five seams - talk about crazy easy!

Jasmine Bra

I used this bra kit from Susan at Measure Twice Cut Once.  I can't recommend it enough, the fabrics are wonderful and the colour is amazing!

I fully lined my bra with the tricot from the kit, I wanted to give it a bit more structure than just a plain lace bra.  This was still simple enough as I just followed the instructions in the pattern.  Though next time I would make sure that I took more care to ensure that the lining sat better inside the bra.  I feel that in the one I've made the lining is marginally too large, though not enough to stop me being crazy happy with the results.

Jasmine Bra

The details are some of my favourites.  The elastics are brilliantly feminine yet robust enough to survive wear.  The straps have a delicate detail which I love.  

Jasmine Bra

I've got to say it is amazingly comfortable to wear and I now need to make enough to make to have one to wear every day of the week.  Sarah at Ohhh Lulu also released new patterns this week, I think this could be bad for my budget!

Have you ever thought about making a bra or underwear?


  1. Nope. But your electric blue lace is cute.

    1. Thanks! I hadn't thought about making it either until not long ago, now I think its going to take a bit to get me to buy any :)