Sewing Plans 2023

January 1, 2023

Apparently I only blog once a year these days, I have good intentions every January then life gets in the way.  I'm hoping to change that this year, but I know better than to make any promises.

I feel like 2022 was a bit of a tough year for many people. I've spent the year trying to discover what my life if like without study.  I spent a lot of time worried about 'wasting' time and feeling like I needed to be constantly productive.  This clearly was not manageable and combined with some addred stress from work and multiple bouts of illness throughout the year, left me in a not brilliant place in the second half of the year.  Thankfully thing have turned a corner and I've tried to focus on doing things that I enjoy.

This year I've read over 60 books. I lost my love of reading in Grade 3 when my teacher told me I couldn't read the books I loved (Pony Pals for anyone interested) and made my read The Chronicles of Narnia.  Given that I still don't enjoy fantasy books this was a poor choice, and it's taken me the best part of 20 years to enjoy reading again - Thanks for that Mrs P. I've been thinking a bit lately about how different things could have been if I hadn't lost my love of reading all those years ago, by being told to read something I had no interest in.

My favourite book of the year is Five Bush Weddings by Clare Fletcher - its an Australian bush romance, set not too far from where I live and I'm obsessed.  I read it at least twice and listened to the Audiobook at least that many times.  Highly recommend if you're looking for a feel good romance, if the height of romance isn't a dropped meat pie I don't know what is.

Anyway, onto sewing things. I did pretty well at making everything on my Make Nine last year, I managed to get 8 of my 9 planned makes completed.  The remaining one has carried over to this year.  I think the main reason it ended up in the naughty corner was due to my fabric choice.

The other sewing goals I set - to buy no new patterns and to only buy fabric from destashes or second hand both failed - There are just too many nice fabrics and patterns out there.

This year I'm trying to not set too many sewing related goals, or at least ones that I am likely to fail.  As such my 2023 goals are:

Have the quantity in my stash sitting at -20m

I've been tracking my fabric purchases and makes for a number of years now, its currently sitting at +34.25m since I started tracking in this spreadsheet (October 2021), as such I want to sew a minimum of 54.25m from my stash without adding more.  I think this should be achievable, especially when combined with my next few goals.

Finish some long term quilt WIPS

If you scroll back a long way on this blog you'll find out that I actually started quitling before I started making my own clothes. I've got a number of quilts in various stages of completion (some just need to be quilted!) and I want to get them finished this year. These will of course count towards fabric coming our of my stash, which is why I feel that is a particularly acheivable goal this year.

My Make Nine for 2023

I've done up my make nine this year, it a mix of new to me and tried and true patterns.  However I've also picked fabric for each of these patterns.  I did a bit of fabric shopping in the black friday sales and I'm so excited to see these come to life

First off I have my carry over from last year, the Kelly Anorak from Closet Core Patterns. I also purchased this lovely leaf print cotton duck from Spotlight. I was looking for some other fabric and saw this and fell in love.  Its neautral but not too neutral and I think it will make the perfect jacket.  Its similar to this Morris Blazer I made back in 2018 but doesn't fit anymore.  This seems like the perfect replacement.

If you haven't heard of Gracie Steel, you need to check her out.  She's an Aussie based pattern designer who is bringing out some epic patterns, as such I've got the Frolic Frock on my list of patterns to make.  I'm planing to make it in this delightful lilac dobby spot viscose from Blackbird Fabrics.  I'm super excied to try this pattern.

With my obsession of making jeans and outerwear well documented, I often find that tops are something which is missing in my wardrobe - enter the Sagebrush Top by Friday Pattern Co.  Fun, on trend, easy to wear, good size range and in this black dobby spot cotton (also from Blackbird) it should become a wardrobe staple.

Closet Core Giner Jeans. Stretch Denim. This needs no further explanation. I make at least 2 pairs a year, I wear them 5 days a week, if not more. Needless to say this is my real TNT pattern.

Next up, is the Reeta Shirtdress by Named in a floral rayon from Spotlight (I think I purchased this in 2021?). This isn't a new pattern by any means, however I came accross it again the other day when I was trying to think of shirtdress pattern which would work for this fabric.  I'm hoping that this is a match made in heaven.

I've made a couple of Hey June Cheyenne Tunics in my time, however when I saw this plaid flannel at Spotlight I knew I needed to make a Cheyenne with it. However its been sitting in my stash long enough and its time I actually got around to making it. 

Maybe I'm the last person in the sewing community to make a Deer & Doe Myosotis dress - however 2023 is the year.  I'm going to make it with this lovely navy and white gingham viscose from The Fabric Store I picked up in their sale.  I only have 2.5m of fabric but I'm planning to get out as many ruffles as I can.

So about a decade ago I had this pair of pants from Target, they were a cargo type pant using a stretch twill flat fly front with the back band made from ribbing.  I was planning to make the Hey June Bruce Cargos, however then I came accross the Sew Outdoorsy Malham Cargo Pants which have the same waistband style, as such the Bryce Cargos have already been replaced by the Malham already. I'm super keen to try these out so I can have some new work pants.  I have a grey strech twill and matching ribbing from the Fabric Store to make these out of.  I also have a tawn twill, which I'm hoping to make another pair out of.

Finally, the Galina Bra Set from Madalynne, using this beautiful kit from Sew Heart Soul I received for Christmas. I'm super excited to try this monowire pattern, its something I haven't worked with before.

Lets hope 2023 brings more time for sewing, and I hope to check in more often to share my makes.  Additionally, I've also had some landscaping done in my courtyard so I actually have somewhere semi photographic to take some photos, which is a lovely change!