Me Made Workwear - Cheyenne Tunic

January 27, 2018

I've mentioned before that I struggle to wear me made clothing to work due to my job.  I work on a construction site where PPE is mandatory - long pants, long sleeve shirts and steel cap boots fill my work wardrobe.  All ready to wear, until now.

If you've been following me on instagram you will know about my love for Hey June Patterns, the patterns are well drafted, with clear instructions and are honestly a bargain for the price. Adrianna's Cheyenne Tunic has been a super popular pattern and its been on my to make list for a while but I always thought it was above my skill level.  However the troop shirts I made earlier this month  and listening to Heather of Closet Case Patterns on the Love to Sew Podcast gave me some confidence I'd be able to pull this off.  I shouldn't have worried, the instructions with the Cheyenne are clear and well written, just like all the other Hey June patterns.

Cheyenne Tunic

I made View A which is the full button down version, with collar, collar stand and sleeve plackets.  Though I just uploaded all my photos and realised I hadn't taken any with the sleeves rolled down. I also added the optional sleeve tabs as I tend to wear my sleeves rolled up when I'm in the office.   Plus it was much too hot to get changed again and take more photos so you'll just have to take my word for it!

Cheyenne Tunic

For this version (it's the first of many) I used a navy and white poly cotton gingham from Spotlight.  I cut the back yoke, front placket and pocket on the bias to give it some extra interest and they are my favorite details.  I'm a total sucker for a bias check.  

Cheyenne Tunic

I really love the fit of the Cheyenne, its not a fitted style so its quite an easy shirt to start with as there are no fitting issues.  I made a large at the bust grading out the hips to an XL.  I also graded out the biceps which is an adjustment I have to make on pretty much all patterns.  I'm contemplating a slight sway back adjustment on the next one but I'm not sure that the style really requires it.

Cheyenne Tunic

The buttons were also from Spotlight, They worked out to about a dollar a button, but still more expensive than I would have liked.  I'm ordering some online for the next shirts, they work out much cheaper.  The other downside to Spotlight these days is having to buy buttons by the pack, at least I have a spare if one ever falls off!

Lots of rather entertaining faces in these photos, too many arguments with the remote for my camera!

My jeans are ready to wear however jeans as well as Hey June's yet to be released Bryce Cargo Pants are on my must make list this year.  I've decided 2018 is the year of sewing things I'm actually going to wear.

Sewing for Boys - Tadah Troop Shirt

January 4, 2018

If you're like me and don't have kids of your own, or sew for kids on a regular basis you might not have heard of Tadah Patterns.  Tadah are an Australian pattern company who focus on baby, kids and teens patterns. They're a popular pattern company and for good reason.  Their patterns are well drafted, with clear instructions and illustrations, and result in some adorable finished garments.

Tadah Troop Shirts

I have a number of friends who raved about the Tadah Troop Shirt (which comes in baby, kids and teens sizing). I was a little intimidated to start with, smaller pieces and a collar.  I've only made one collared item before and it was a number of years ago.  Thankfully it was way easier than I had anticipated and now I'm addicted.

Tadah Troop Shirts

I've made three Troop Shirts in the past few days and needless to say I see many more in my future. For something that ends up with lovely finishes, including an enclosed back yoke and shoulder seams, it comes together really quickly. I cut two out just before Christmas and when I got around to sewing them both it only took a couple of hours, they'll only get quicker the more that I make.

Tadah Troop Shirts

I made two out of the caravan fabric (which is poplin I picked up for $3/m at Spotlight years ago).  When I can I like making matching things for my nephews whenever possible so no one feels left out.  I'm sure this will stop in another couple of years but at 5 and 7 you can still get away with it.

Tadah Troop Shirts

I caught up with a sewing friend yesterday who very kindly gave me some snaps to finish them off.  You can really tell I don't sew for kids by my lack of snaps.  Needless to say some snap pliers and snaps are on their way to me now.  Thank goodness for eBay!

Tadah Troop Shirts

Another benefit to sewing for kids is the ability to use up some leftovers, I got around to cutting myself out some shorts out of this fern linen/cotton blend from Spotlight and had enough left over to get out another Troop Shirt.  Needless to say given my current addiction to Troop Shirts the shirt is finished (just missing the snaps) and the shorts haven't even been started.

Tadah Troop Shirts

I recently purchased some custom woven labels to add to all my handmade garments.  I'm really happy with the quality of them but the service wasn't fantastic.  I may order from the again in the future but I'll see how long it takes me to go through the ones I've got.   I'm also making my own size tags using some ribbon along with some heat transfer vinyl cut with my Silhouette Cameo.  The Silhouette is adding lots of to my creative outlets lately, so I'm sure you'll see more of it in the future.

Anyway, I really need to start an assignment, but I'd love to see what you've been making lately!

A Finished Quilt - Northern Lights

November 19, 2017

I'm pleased to announce I actually finished one of my longest WIPs, I only know how long ago I started it thanks to an old instagram photo!

Northern Lights

Boxing Day 2012!  Thats nearly 5 years ago! I actually had this one finished back in about February but you know, life happened and I'm only getting around to blogging about it now.

I actually only have one photo of the finished quilt, but thats for a good reason, I donated it to the Toowoomba Hospice and it was raffled off at a Masquerade Ball that my friend organised.

Northern Lights

Anyway, I thought it was worth noting that this quilt actually did get finished, considering I'd talked about finishing it for so long!

Pattern - Northern Lights by Jaybird Quilts
Fabric - Prima Homespun from Spotlight (Cause Kona is $$$$ in Aus)

Boylston Bra - Getting Back in the Saddle

November 7, 2017

So I started the year with great plans to blog more, obviously life happened and if you follow me on instagram you will know that this year hasn't been the easiest for me. There's been some change - I left my first "real" job that I've known for the last four years and started a new adventure.  I've also gone back to uni and just got my first semesters marks back and had to remind myself that D is actually for distinction and means I really didn't fail!

However after a rough start I finally feel back in my groove, its only taken me until November!

I also feel like I've been holding back from blogging for a number of reasons, things like my photos not being good enough, or my makes not being up to scratch, however I've decided just to get on with it.  Not having a live in photographer makes things harder but a photo is better than no photo.  I was listening to an episode of the Love to Sew Podcast - which I highly recommend if you haven't checked out - and I think it sunk in.  Done is better than perfect.

Anyway onto the sewing!

A few months ago I noticed a group on facebook for my town for all things sewing, it's such a fantastic community!  We get together for bi-monthly sewing sessions and coffee dates.  It is so refreshing to get together with friends to talk patterns and stroke fabric.  It's really been a lovely addition to my life.

At our last sewing group I made myself a(nother) Boylston Bra by Orange Lingerie, its really become my TNT bra pattern (Which fits in quite well with the Sewcialists TNT month).  I'm meant to be giving a little bra making class at the next get together.

My previous Boylstons include - my Mermaid Bikini, my vintage floral bra, this little red one named after none other than Joan from Mad Men.

A few years ago Maddy of Miss Maddy Sews made this amazing pink floral Boylston and when I found the same fabric in Lincraft (I've also just realised apparently this fabric was in my stash for two years, oh well!) I knew I had to make on too.  Thankfully it turned out just as well as I hoped.

Floral Boylston

I lined the cups with cut and sew foam, I'd really recommend this is you're making a bra using satin (which overall I don't really recommend!).  The cut and sew foam gives the cups and nice structure and shape.

Floral Boylston

There ended up being some half decent unintentional pattern matching, which I'm pretty pleased with to be honest!  As always I added a little rose to the centre to cover up some not so pretty stitching. 

Floral Boylston

I used adorable rose gold rings and sliders for Sew Squirrel, I dyed the elastics, strapping and powernet pink which I think was the right choice!  If you've never tried dying your own fabric or notions I would highly recommend it, it's so much fun!

I've got matching underwear cut and elastic dyed, so hopefully they'll aldo be finished soon!

Anyway, it's good to be back!  I'm not making any promises about how frequently I'll be blogging but I hope its not 11 months between posts again!